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Tokyo Television seeks a camera operator for Japanese television.

The camera operator position requires bilingual in English and Japanese and some experience in operating ENG cameras.

Key Responsibilities:
- Operating different types of ENG cameras for Japanese televisions for news programs, documentaries, and/or entertainments (e.g. sports, music, etc.);
- Working with Japanese media personnels (e.g. director, reporter, sound engineer. etc.);
- Doing basic production/studio work, such as video editing.

- Must have a good and positive work ethic;
- Fluent in both Japanese and English (both written and oral);
- Ability to work in a fast paced environment with positive work ethic;
- Familiarity with different kinds of ENG cameras;
- Basic knowledge of video/television production, including video editing, lighting, and audio; - Strong news judgement and creativity.


Desired Skills and Experience:
- Knowledge in Final Cut Pro 7 and other professional post visual softwares;
- Some familiarity with digital file transfer using IP/FTP is a plus.

If you are interested, please send resume to



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